We are shutting down Snapti.me
Snaptime was released in June 2012, along with a photo sharing social network: Snapti.me

Snaptime has been downloaded 220,000 times and 50,000 users have subscribed to Snapti.me. They have posted 65,000 photos and over 100,000 comments but this small community is unfortunately not profitable: the cost of Snapti.me is $900/year and yet Snaptime, with its single In-App Purchase, has only made $1000.

Snaptime is technically very advanced and based on many complex technologies such as OpenGL. It provides many color and distortion effects — applied in real time to the camera stream — that you can control with gestures. Snaptime takes HD photos and makes videos.

Snapti.me is also a very complete service: a global photo stream, each user has a timeline and can follow others, text and photo comments, resnaps (similar to the retweets), likes, etc.

It is never easy to take such decisions because it was a lot of work but we cannot afford to waste more time and money with this service. Hence, we will have to shut down Snapti.me. An update of Snaptime will be available on April 25, 2013. Of course it will still be possible to share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube or by email.
20 April 2013