Dink becomes universal and launches an epic fight animation contest
Dink, the app to draw and share animations, is now universal.

Dink is based on extremely simple drawing tools: pen, flood fill, selection, copy/paste, two layers and a very limited number of colors. Not enough tools? This simplicity actually allows to focus on the animation and encourages creativity.

Released in late 2011, Dink has been downloaded almost 500,000 times. 6000 "Dinkers" have subscribed and share animations regularly. More than 15,000 animations have been posted on MyDink.net (700,000 frames, 2GB of animated Gifs).

Contests are often organized on MyDink.net with real things to win.

To celebrate the release of the universal version, we launch today a contest about epic fights. The author of the best animation will win a $25 iTunes gift card.

“That is my nindô !”, a clip based on animations shared on MyDink.net

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26 April 2013