Introducing Task 2
Exactly one year after its initial release, Task receives a major update. It is now Universal and comes with iCloud sync!

Task has been entirely rewritten and gets many improvements: a brand new interface, a new entry form, new options for past/uncompleted tasks, sound effects, new reminder tones and themes, a new icon and more.

If texting, tweeting or shooting photos have become extremely popular and easy to do on the iPhone, task management still requires some effort. The reason is that the existing apps provide too many advanced features (location-based tasks, sharing, tags, etc.) that compromise their simplicity. The context of use of iOS apps — mobility and lack of time — tells us to do otherwise.

Our goal with Task is to simplify task management on mobile devices and make it as simple and satisfying as texting or tweeting. Task provides a single timeline focused on today combined with intuitive gestures allowing to add/edit a task in less than 5 seconds.

Task has already more than 500,000 users. With Task 2, we hope to pass the million bar soon.

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20 June 2013