Something new for Mr Mood
Mr Mood, the simple anthropomorphic well-being indicator for iPhone and iPad is getting new features. Initially released in October 2012, Mr Mood has been downloaded 500,000 times and is doing well on the App Store. Hundreds of users have sent us their wishes and ideas and we are pleased to fulfill some of them today.

The main novelty consists in the Moodscore: Mr Mood now comes with a cute multimeter displaying your score computed for several time periods.

Wait, there is more! As some Mr Mood users have their heads in the clouds, Mr Mood will now allow them to record their mood of yesterday if they forgot to do so!

Mr Mood is a very simple and useful app. Recording a mood only takes a few seconds with a simple swipe. This is why it works: you can use it every day without effort and really get results. Mr Mood has a 5-star average rating on the App Store.

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Mr Mood on the App Store
13 June 2013