280 levels for SEQ
A major update of SEQ is released today! 60 new levels — to be unlocked with an In-App Purchase ($0.99) — are available in addition to the 220 previous ones along with some other new features.

The new levels are split in three worlds (L, M, N) with a progressive difficulty: one easy world, one medium and one hard. Of course, they all have been manually designed with a lot of care. Some of these new levels:

This update brings the possibility to solve the levels in any order to make the hardest worlds more accessible. Also, it is now possible to share your achievements on Twitter and Facebook.

SEQ was initially released in July, 2012 and has been downloaded about 300,000 times. Don't be fooled by its apparent simplicity: the first puzzles are quite easy but, as you master the concept, the difficulty gradually increases.

the first worlds are quite easy and enjoyable. As the player masters the concept, the difficulty gradually increases.

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1 August 2013