March 2019
Mr Bullet
Mr Jump World
June 2018
Your finger is Ultra Sharp!
March 2018
Ball Panic!
December 2017
Are you ready to dunk?
October 2017
Banana Bunch
August 2017
July 2017
Mr Jump is back!
March 2017
Trilogic featured in the App Store’s Indie Games campaign!
Fire, leaf, water... Here is Trilogic!
Get Bicolor for half the price!
December 2016
Folioscope in the App Store Best of 2016
November 2016
1M downloads and new content for Nekosan!
Nekosan, the worthy successor to Mr Jump
October 2016
Mr Jump finally lands on Android!
July 2016
Super Sharp is the Free App of the Week on the App Store
Draw and share terrific animations with Folioscope
January 2016
12 New levels for Mr Jump!
December 2015
Mr Jump And Super Sharp in the App Store Best of 2015
October 2015
Mr Jump on Apple TV!
Here comes the 1Button Ultimate Puzzle Bundle
Your finger is Super Sharp!
May 2015
Quetzalcoatl is the Free App of the Week on the App Store
April 2015
Mr Jump: a jetpack and new levels!
March 2015
Mr Jump is ready to leap!
February 2015
Quetzalcoatl featured in the Amazing Indie Games on the App Store
January 2015
Bicolor featured in the Indie Game Showcase
November 2014
Puzzle game lovers, we have a bundle for you!
Quetzalcoatl, your new nightmare
September 2014
Bicolor is the Free App of the Week!
August 2014
Apple offers Bicolor!
July 2014
Introducing Poptile
60 new levels for Bicolor
May 2014
A new game mode for Mr Flap!
A Bicolor puzzle game!
March 2014
Mr Flap is available on Android
PILE is available!
Let's take Mr Flap to the next level
PILE will be released on March 20
February 2014
Mr Flap is ready to take off
August 2013
280 levels for SEQ
June 2013
Introducing Task 2
Something new for Mr Mood
April 2013
Dink becomes universal and launches an epic fight animation contest
1 million for ON/OFF!
We are shutting down Snapti.me
220 levels for ON/OFF
1Button releases +1
Nuage Touch becomes 1Button